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Personal Log, Mankell Station Conference, day 6.

Today was a day I would not care to live through again. Not that I can simply shrug it off, discard it and move on to another day. As chaotic as these proceedings are, they are too important to treat as mere politics. Too much is at stake. Not that most of the people I meet seem to realise that. Or even have any knowledge preceding any such realisation.

In a way that is our own fault though. On the surface my assignment here is simple. It is however anything but. I must confess to have my doubts in regards to the mandate for this assignment. My Mentor always stressed the importance of verifiable information as part of communication, and the necessity to exchange and acknowledge each other’s perspectives.
How can we expect the other polities to align interests when most of them have barely more than an impression of events and circumstances that will force all of us to take a hard look at our prospects for the future. Prospects rooted in beliefs and convictions, rather than knowledge and common sense.

I am an Officer of the Realm. I serve the interests of the people of the Common Worlds. I took an oath to serve the people, their interests and their rights as granted by the Realm. Sworn to truth and servitude. Yet here I am, outside of our Realm, herding politicians and administrators in negotiations which forego the most basic elements required for establishing common interests: sharing information, validating it, sharing perspectives and establishing connections between them.

Productive it is not. How can we expect any sense of urgency when the other polities barely have knowledge that establishes the urgency of action. Or even have information at hand which would demand a widening of perspective beyond themselves. It has taken nearly six years for this conference to be organised. We don’t have the time to do it again if we fail.

At least today we saw that there is willingness to see beyond the individual perspectives of polities. I wish my mandate allowed me to share our intelligence reports on the economic and cultural trend shifts among the worlds of the spur that connects these regions and those of the Republic. If we are to make any headway, we need to find a way to get every polity of these regions on the same page. As long as that page remains blank however, it simply is not going to happen. Six days of headaches thusfar.

Tomorrow is a day of rest, in theory. In practice the game continues on a social level, outside of the conference halls and meeting rooms. A game it is indeed, a stage for subtlety and theatre alike, something I imagine the politicians have been looking forward to after these past days of dry narratives and endless lists of stipulations and declarations. We Officers will be required to partake in that, though we do have a review session with the Envoy. A meeting I see as more decisive for this conference really than anything else. We are going to have to share our knowledge, and our intelligence. Obviously to a degree, but without an open sky how can we expect anyone to see the stars. I’m not looking forward to that meeting.

What I am looking forward to, is the reception hosted by the Nassau polity delegation. If we can call them a polity as such, obviously. A nation without a world to call their own. A people so spread out across systems that it is hard to imagine them functioning as a cohesive unified polity. Yet they function, very well even. Stern bankers and smart traders, who know how to throw a proper party. Yes, I am definately looking forward to that reception. Ofcourse I will not be able to attend the party afterwards, but the reception is going to be a definite opportunity to exchange perspectives. If we as a polity have one competitor in the business of intelligence, it is them. It is the foundation of their prosperity after all.

Still, the meeting with our Envoy is not going to be an easy one. Our mandate needs to be revised. There is no other way. Not if we want to survive. If only the Realm had its Knights. A terrible thought, but one I cannot help having. They were our Sword and Lance. We Officers are but Shield and Chalice.



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