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1st Republic Assembly speech (excerpt).

IMG_1813We here today, are not victors. While we have won a war, it is our actions today that will define our first steps towards winning a peace. One not for ourselves, but a peace required for our children’s future.

We who stand here as having gained must realise that unless we take those steps they will find themselves losing even more than those who are not present here today.

The war we fought, with ourselves and with other polities, it has cost us much. Polities fearful of a people not bowing their heads to humanity’s collective traumas of a distant past. If we do not want to include our souls in the price paid, we can ill afford to rest now and leave history to its own devices.

We here all know, that the war we fought was a repeat of those very historic traumas that have shaped humanity’s path for so long. Make no mistake, while many argue that the scale of events is hardly comparable and while others argue that the mere violations of unwritten principles are sufficient to damn us all, we are here today because we realise that growth requires a pain that must be accepted if worse pains are to be avoided.

If we are to be parents in our own right, we must pay the cost forward for our children.

The war we fought, has shown us – no matter how many out there wish to simply believe in the maturity of man through the lessons of history’s trials of our own making – that we are still the barbarians that clawed themselves out of the mud. The veneer of civilisation is but veneer, it is a thin painting of wishes, hopes and dreams. All too easily shattered by the reality of humanity’s own nature.

We as a species grew up in a galaxy of turmoil, great storms shattering stars and systems alike, the temper of nature itself sterilizing vast regions of space and many a dream of budding life. While we had the fortune of creation in a rare eye of relative quiet among those storms, we cannot deny that our hearts were formed by that very nature, in those very days.

Today humanity is alone. We who as a species once killed fallen angels and gods alike, we who once killed the very cradle of our existence, we who once sent our children away and burned the bridge behind them. We who killed the only brothers we found among the stars.

Today, we stand a species divided. Those who wish to embrace the quiet, those who wish to live. Those who seek a uniform pastorality of human life, those who seek to decide for themselves. Those who turn away from each other, and those who stand with each other. Those who seek comfort in a seasoned nature, and those who accept the likelihood of storms.

This war we have fought, makes clear to us all that while nature seems to have seasoned towards a more stable state of growth and creation, we ourselves – as a species – have not been able to do the same. 10.000 years of burning delusions and destruction, 10.000 years of peace and quiet convictions of maturity shattered by a single conflagration that nearly destroyed us all. Again.

Witnessing the death of worlds, who can possibly argue the maturity of man. We can’t. Nor should we.

We often tell ourselves that history has taught us harsh lessons. We forget that we have shaped and formed that history. We should not deny that as a species we make our own lessons. We should not deny the necessity of learning nor shun away from teaching. No matter how costly, ultimately any such price is less than the final cost of not learning that which we teach ourselves.

Nature, which abhors a vacuum, may be resting its breath – but the human heart persists in its beating turmoil.

Today we stand here, as one. Yet still one among many. We accept the individuality contained within humanity. We accept the right of all to choose between the ebb of life and the withering of storms. We as a people have made our decision.

– Admiral van White
1st Republic Assembly speech, excerpt.


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