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This particular morning was no different


This particular morning was no different from any other beginning of the day during that strangely quiet month. Netboys walked the streets, camped out on the plazas broadcasting the latest blurbs of politicians and experts with almost leisurely aptitude in sales. As always people followed the headlines but paid little attention beyond the scope of their daily routine. After all, life was routine.

In Lionara, the quietly radiant capital city of the Premis Polity, the only thing really different that morning was the unannounced closing of the Orbital Link, an event unnoticed by those passing by in their daily routines. City life being business as usual, events out there were hardly of relevance to civilised life. The headlines might have been a matter of entirely optional debate, but hardly of concern.

At least it was business as usual, until the City Council’s Office received a flash message directing the Secretary to attend an immediate emergency session with the General Cabinet, a message so impossible to consider under these common and normal circumstances of every day that the Secretary spent a quiet half standard hour going through the archived message logs of her predecessors to see whether anything such as this had ever occurred.

By the time she looked up from her administrations, signalling her assistant she would be ready for lunch in a minute, the city had ground to a halt in a bewildered wondering about an emergency broadcast system summoning people to stand by for an immediate address by the General Cabinet. A message that never came, and as the sky suddenly turned bright with the light of a thousand suns life in Lionara ended in a manner far different from the quiet leisurely life it had known thus far.

As it ended in Lionara, one by one the world’s cities shared the same fate. City by city, town by town, life at the bottom of that gravity well faced a final light amidst a growing storm slowly choking the still breathing remainder of the planet. With the Orbital Link’s fall from heaven, thus thereafter severed from others out there, its breathing ended with something less yet far worse than a mere sigh.


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