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Introduction to the crew at the Deus launch ceremony

You all know of me, you do not know me. Survival, victory or death, we will come to know each other.

I’m sure everyone’s parents at one point or the other told you to be careful of what you wish for, because you may get it. One of those things people signing up with the fleet tend to wish for, is to be a hero. If that is why you signed up, I can assure you that we will find out, we will cure you of it or kill you trying.

Heroes are only sometimes those remembered. Dead or alive. They are those whose actions shape the stories told long after the battle is over, and sometimes before the next battle begins. They themselves are shaped by purposeful memory first, events second and actions last. Heroes are symbols, not people, you should contemplate the difference. Symbols created not by us in the service, but by those we serve.

This is why we are here, to serve and to shield. Many of you will die without ever becoming heroes. A lot of people have done a lot more and gotten a lot less, and a lot of people have done a lot less and gotten a lot more. That is fine. We are not here for glory or honour. Together we are a sacrifice required for us all. Together our actions determine the course of history for us all. For our enemies we never forget, we never forgive. For our own, we always remember.

I encourage you all to think about these matters, because you are not here for yourself. If you think you are, we have a problem. Those we serve then have a problem. Nobody likes problems.

Now heed these words.

Great Ares and Athena gave me valor and man-breaking power, whenever I made choice of men-at-arms to set a trap with me for my enemies.
Never, as I am human, did I fear Death ahead, but went in foremost in the charge, putting a spear through any man whose legs were not as fast as mine.
That was my element, war and battle. Farming I never cared for, nor life at home, nor fathering fair children.
I reveled in long ships with oars; I loved polished lances, arrows in the skirmish, the shapes of doom that others shake to see.
Carnage suited me; heaven put those things in me somehow.

I welcome you to the Deus. The name of this ship has meaning to us all. This is a shining heaven, it brings the light of day, or unleashes it. We harbour both Ares and Athena. We rule the sky, we rule the battle. This ship is the first of its class, and it will always be the first among equals through our own accomplishments. We will earn our trust, with hard work and by example.


– Admiral van White
Introduction to the crew at the Deus launch ceremony.


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