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Interstellar Warfare

IMG_3274Interstellar warfare is a highly complex interaction between types of conflict to achieve dominance of a form of organisation over other such organisations, the environment shared or selectively controlled – or the safeguarding against such efforts in a more limited scope of control over organisation and/or environment. Forms of conflict are diverse and range from the biological on one end of the scale to economical and military on the other end – with political, technological and cultural as floating points travelling along it.

In the light of complex interconnected conditions (environment, means, methods, definitions, myth, observation, communication, information, capacity, capability, verification, validation, time and so forth) the nature of interstellar warfare is severely and structurally limited in its practicality of determining scope and spread of conflicts and consequences alike.

Under these same conditions it is clear that no arbitrary and artificial mechanisms of mutually assured destruction are practical as a foundation for a system of deterrence. The same holds true for potential ability of penalty systems based on a presence of survivors or witnesses. The perceived practical application of first strike and automated followup mechanisms is all too easily taken as a solution to these problems, disregarding however that these are limited by design to open conflict and not face consequences. While such mechanisms can achieve objectives in terms of command, control and communicative abilities of a chosen target to great effect, beyond the tactical scope of conflict they are structurally limited for effectiveness by conditions of survivors, witnesses, state of communications and so forth among parties involved and not involved.

It is only under conditions of (constant) communications and codified behaviour (strict adherence to a mechanism of application of force on force) that interstellar warfare can find an acceptable effectiveness in a strategy limited to said tactical application of force on force – as a controlled mechanism of limiting consequences for parties involved and not. Any such mechanism however must be inherent to all forms of organisation and types of conflict in full awareness that without such internalization of conceptual considerations the consequences of interstellar warfare are continual and total.

Considering the established history of the species of man, we can only accept a predisposition towards aggressiveness. As members of the same species we are our own closest competitors for habitat requirements, resources and convictions alike. Aggression towards one relative presents a threat to any other relative. Regardless of direct or indirect threat, conflict and retaliation are equally impractically selective.

Collective and collaborative investment in a continued Codified Cold War still appears to be our only feasible path of relative stability for the future.

– En Sof
Advocate of The Order


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