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Letters – Shut up and serve


thanks for rubbing it in. I’ll agree I should have given trading assignments a second thought. Too bad you’re having a shitty day, and are bored with boring people. You’re there to do a job though, so do it. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it, what matters is that it gets done. And really, use that brain of yours. If your gut tells you something, there’s likely a damn good reason for you to be there. Me, I’d have hired some netkid to give me summaries and spent the rest of the time at a bar, oblivious to what I agree with is quite an intruiging observation of yours.

So shut up and serve kiddo. Didn’t I rub that in often enough? I must be getting old indeed.

Anyway, we only spent two days here. So I’ve been back at HQ for a while now. The meat turned out to be rotten. No pun there, literally rotten. I swear one of the techs was crying over it. Me, not so much. I’ll pick real steel any day over stuff that belongs on a good barbeque. There was no bar there anyhow, so I am a happy person at HQ now. Which brings me to your question.

I tapped into a bit of the grapevine. Turns out you’re not the only one asking questions. Not a lot of it getting through upstairs though. I’ve got nada on the Republic, but a few mates stationed elsewhere know a few ladies who are real good at taking care of business, and they say that there are no Nassavi Envoys present at the capital worlds. There’s talk about replacements, communications on an old one croaking and a new one expected to arrive but overdue. Nothing solid. You’re right, nobody’s asking questions. All is normal right? People come and go all the time.

The trade stuff, you know how slow it is to get information on that. It’s hardly something HQ keeps track of. Around here there’s plenty Nassavi ships, same for the lanes between here and the Karat worlds. A retired buddy (smart chick) says they’ve got shipping issues between there and down the spine. Bit more further out still. Trader talk tells her it’s a case of too much demand and not enough ships, so not less ships. Kinda wierd though, you’d think that any such problem would be worse deeper among the center, not towards the outside. It’s not healthy either way though, Nassavi shipping constitutes most of shipping volumes. By the way, her partner (sweet chick) says she’s buying up two old boats for the lanes outbound. Cause one cluster at a time shipping down the spine is less able to keep up with that demand the trading talk speaks of. Me, I think it’s kinda wierd that between where you are and where I am there’s supposedly the same amount of ships, but peeps say that every day there’s less around in my direction. What do I know, I hardly majored in economics. I’m a philosopher turned soldier. My career plan is awesome.

On the side, I know I chewed you up a bit. It’s just a case of old man caring a little too much for old cadets. I drilled a lot of you over the years, hammering in protocols and procedures, trying to talk sense in to complacent peeps about always needing a plan B. Spooking y’all with horror stories about dumb cadets getting stuck, morons wasting their discretionary funds at the nearest bar. The rambling of an obsolete master at arms yeah. While you’re there, do your job, don’t get distracted. And don’t grow old too quickly, spend some more time at that spa. Have a drink. Go down to the shipyards and rent a fun little speedy ship so that when you get the chance you can unwind a little racing out.

No, shut up. I’ll always know what’s best for you. I promiss I’ll keep hammering the grapevine, if I find out something I’ll send it your way. In the mean time do your job, make sure you can blow off steam too.

And if you ever dare call me sausage again, I’ll strip your skin and turn you into one.



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