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Letters – Dear old man

Dear old man,

thanks for your call, I’m really sorry I missed it. I thought leaving the service would mean having plenty time to be lazy, turns out I keep wondering whether I made the right decision. I had more time off as a marine. Go figure. Anyhow, glad you left a message though. It’s been kinda wierd without the old team. Miss you the most though, not that I am telling you something new there right? Sorry, I can’t resist a little teasing. It’s not like you can do anything about it now can you? Too far away to pick me up and throw me under the shower right?

Really, it was good to hear from you. I’m out of link time (one of the military perks I do miss) so I can’t give you a call back, but I figure this message will hit you pretty soon enough. I’d love to catch up on old times. I think it would be nice, and yes quite possibly a good idea. Taking your advice has always served me well, by the way, I did buy that ship I told you about before my discharge. Smooth sailing with it, no courier can keep up with it, and most monitors can’t even see it when I push the right buttons ūüôā

Call me on my private link next time though, and dont make me wait for it too long. ID and code are attached under the signature. Use them. Especially as I know that you are facing such a stupendous amount of time off coming to you that the Colonel is forcing you to take a holiday. You might as well surrender, if not to her, than to me ..

As for your other questions, I think I have an idea of what you’re getting at. Whoever that youngster is, she (right?) has a smart gut. It’s becoming increasingly hectic with shipping issues. Traffic is getting lighter, volume is going down, prices per kubic are going up. There are waiting lists at stations and orbital links. I’ve been waiting for the periodic business reviews here for weeks now, but as the Office of the local Envoy is temporarily closed the bank is having a hard time keeping up with things. We’re told it really is only temporarily, repeatedly, but only when someone goes down the Orbital to ask in person. No news on it in the media. No news is always good news, so why worry right?

I know the situation of the twins yes. I met up with them a few weeks ago, you should see those boats they bought. Converted cruisers, somehow they were able to keep the military grade engines and control tech, converting the rest to cargo capacity, they left the launch bays though. Absolute monsters. They also have interesting buttons, but I’m sure that is hardly a surprise to you. You know what’s really amazing? They managed to pick up a lane contract between Karat and the Realm worlds. Starts this week actually, go figure. I have no idea how they pulled that one off. Contracts for that lane are pretty much by default always Nassavi contracts. Real proud of them sneaking into that, extremely curious though.

Did you know I still have my old gear here. Yours too. Twisted isn’t it? I only realised that after I found out you’d tried to call. No clue what to do with it, by your current standards it is all obsolete anyway. Seems a waste to sell it though, besides, you are going to be here soon to pick yours up right? Kidding, dear old man. Or should I call you sausage? I hear someone’s Lieutenant picked up noise on some old guy swearing while reading a letter …

Look, I’ve got things to take care of, I’m sure you can figure out what. I know you don’t have a choice, thanks to the Colonel, so I am expecting that call. You might as well face the music, and do something good with it. In the mean time you can stress out a bit, listen to different sounds, while I take care of things. It’s going to be fun, and chances are it is going to be needed.

So, hit that link!



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