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Letters – Dear Sirs

Dear Sirs,

it has been years, decades, since an opportunity of this magnitude presented itself. You will find the reports attached to this letter, if I may I will present to you as straightforward as possible the conclusions of our observations and inquiries. I urge you to not take the opportunity presented lightly, it is one of opportunity as well as gravity.

For as long as this enterprise has existed it has made continuous effort to be at the forefront of developments, striving to create trends as opposed to following them. Driving towards opportunities serving our interests and those of our shareholders. Today we see an opening which if we make the effort we can seize as an opportunity that stands likely to guide our corporation in to a position of dominance.

I must caution however, as you will see, the situation is one which can also turn against us. We can seize opportunity, but we must do so carefully. For if we fail, we will find ourselves pitted against an organisation we could not dream to best in open conflict.

From the observations made, the research done, the data mined and intelligence gathered we face a situation unique in the known history of the polities. The Nassavi are withdrawing from their grasp on shipping and trade.

I fully understand this conclusion will strike anyone as absurd. There is however no other conclusion than just that. In truth, the ingrained nature of the Nassavi economical dominance across the polities is such that it prevents them and their corporate domains from seeing what is right in front of them. All across the lanes Nassavi shipping is decreasing its capacity, its ships no longer renewing contracts. From the Republic’s edge, via the Marlann and Mankel clusters, through the Karat constellation all the way towards the regions of the Realm. Starting at that edge, inwards to the core, the Nassavi dominance of shipping capacity is winding down.

We can see the opportunity this presents. If we believe it, that is. And we have the data to make clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that what we see is exactly what is happening. The end of the Nassavi stranglehold over the shipping industries across the polities.

In truth, that may not be all that is happening. It is something we are as of yet not able to present clear observations and conclusions on. It is too early to do so. But as we prepare for our meeting, there is but one capital world where an Envoy’s Office is still open. In fact, preliminary intelligence appears to indicate that only three are still staffed at the time of this writing.

As long as we take the right steps, at the right pace, in the right direction, we stand to benefit from this change in Nassavi policy. If we so decide, we should consider the risks carefully, because if we do not none of us may be alive by the time we make our move. I am confident however, that we can be careful, being bold. We are in the unique position to see and recognise the vacuum forming.

I propose to fill that vacuum. I do not need to use many words to describe what that means. We all came to where we are now by calculating every step, seizing every opportunity and furthering our interests.

You will find the proposed meeting details attached to this message, along with separately and individually encrypted itineraries. The need for security is paramount. We must and will succeed.

I will see you all soon, be prepared,

Alton Halding III
CEO Crain Enterprise Holdings


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