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Military Science Fiction – Time for a support group

These past few months, with my late but unavoidable final transition from paperback reading towards ebook consumables, I’ve been rediscovering a lot of books, a lot of stories. Predominantly however the genre of Military Science Fiction. In part because I enjoy it, but also because a lot of my own stories increasingly move towards that genre themselves.

Now, my respects for all the authors in that field. Their imagination and drive creates worlds and universes alike. There’s just something that’s been nagging me in the back of my mind, all the dread most protagonists face and go through. Think of it this way, picture yourself in their shoes. Incidentally, that is one of the secrets of life – stepping into other people’s shoes, but that on the side.

Isn’t it time for a bit of a support group for those characters? Masters At Arms Anonymous perhaps? Particularly for those poor bastards who deal with warfare in space.

Warfare in space is where you meet Murphy. Everybody does at some point.
— Masters At Arms Anonymous

Warfare in space is a game of numbers, nothing human on the board, right?
— Masters At Arms Anonymous

Warfare in space is always giving new meaning to the same old ranting – hurry, wait – shut up.
— Masters At Arms Anonymous

And so forth …

– Mack



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