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Resources – The Triptych Study – Cover Design

After finally succeeding in getting Burning Memory published on Smashwords it was time to unwind my fingers for a bit, something which did not last long as I found myself revisiting the manuscripts from The Triptych Study.

Resources – The Triptych Study (a change in working title) is a story I wrote once upon a time very long ago, but which I embraced again for the purpose of rewriting it, being too large to handle restructuring and cutting it down to size has become an integral part of that. One tale, three stories. A few changes have come up though, the main character is now female and instead of a raw diary format it is now a balance between her diary and messages exchanged.

Needless to say, this is not final. I’m still considering options. One thing is clear, file size is a bit of a problem at the moment. There is a fine balance between size, clarity and detail – but finding out about wireless delivery charges in Amazon’s price calculations is something I have to think about.

So, the result of my laptop – once again – running out of memory. What do you think?

Resources - The Triptych Study

Resources – The Triptych Study

In short, The Triptych Study takes us to a time of mankind – not having gotten much wiser in spite of facing its own pains – impacting the existence and development of another species. Much the same as man once had to face its own burden of meddling and the consequences thereof. We’re not following the interactions of the main character as such, we’re witnesses to her thinking as she experiences events and recollects her thoughts and feelings.

The first part, Resources, brings us to that world. The next parts, Intervention and Management, take us through storms and consequences.

And yes, that is a bit of an invasion of privacy, but I don’t think she disapproves. After all, in the story, she ultimately decided to share it with all of us …

– Mack



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