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In the pipeline – Writing

With Burning Memory and Coasting released on both Amazon and Smashwords, it’s time to review what’s on the table at the moment. It’s been an interesting month, and at times quite a busy one. Five projects active. Vultures, The Thin Blue Line, two short stories. And the trilogy of The Triptych Study novels.


  • Resources – The Triptich Study.
    Final draft complete. A complete rewrite and restructuring. Editing is in progress.
  • Intervention – The Triptich Study.
    Final draft complete. Also completely rewritten, but not yet restructured or edited.
  • Management – The Triptich Study.
    This one is a tough one, I’m still going over the original manuscript. Which is on paper. Handwritten. Twenty years ago.
    Yes, it’ll take a while.

Short stories.

  • The Thin Blue Line.
    Living and fighting on the edge. Where the cradle of life meets the darkness of the void. The Thin Blue Line is all that stands between life, and it’s ending.First draft complete.The original idea come from a cat dashing off with something, which turned out to be an old sketch made from a viewpoint in orbit. Picture that arbitrary line where our life down here ends, and where space really begins. Now picture that as a frontier at war. The Thin Blue Line. And it’s hardly quiet up there. 
  • Vultures.
    Every day people. Travelling between worlds. Could be you or me. Life goes by, until suddenly you see.First draft complete.The original idea came from sitting in a matatu on my way to Nairobi. An interesting experience. Especially when things got hectic, an accident followed. After that, it got a lot worse. People causing havoc simply because of watching, behaviour changing because of seeing chaos, others getting mad over something in the way. I’m sure you’ve all seen this kind of thing somewhere on a road.

Chances are that the short stories will get a little more attention that the books in the coming month. Life has a few other things in store I’m afraid, and at some point in our history someone decided we were only going to get 24 hours in a day. Never enough, indeed. In between planned events it’s likely these two will probably see a release before the books.

– Mack

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