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Movie Review – Europa Report

Presented with an opportunity to watch Europa Report (IMDB) it was rather hard to say no. And in these days where we prefer the milking dry of reboot concepts and the degradation of constructive mythology (Avengers, the recent two Star Trek reboots) I immediately said “yes”. Why? Because while I can and do enjoy movies like the before mentioned, I do so for simple fun. But when I get up from my seat, that is where it ends.

And well, I am glad I said “yes” to Europa Report.

I prefer to find nuggets of creativity that challenge me, that make me imagine after the show is over. Art that stimulates me to discuss with people for more than just the scope of the entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, there are many such productions these days. Where it comes to the genre of science fiction though it is a bit more rare to find.

Europa Report is something that picks up on many things. privatisation of space, modern symbology, cultural segregation, the use of technology as an instrument. And the use of people as another instrument. Because well, let’s face it, we may not like it but that is what we are in our modern time: resources. At the centre of the film is a simple mission, go to Jupiter, proceed to Europa, look for life other than yourself.

No spoilers, so I will keep those to myself. Suffice to say that while there are aspects of this movie that will not find that easily a connection with todays generic audiences it is absolutely a film to watch. If you have an interest in space, in science, and in fiction surrounding the two, go for it.

Take the movie as it takes you on. This is not Hollywood, this is indie. It shows, but less than one would expect. But it sets the stage, plays the theme, and it makes connections which Hollywood doesn’t bother anymore to make. I share concerns on editing, budget is a factor. But I also agree that for a movie that does not follow the easy road of reboots and repeats it is really a must-see.

Fun, interesting. A rare combination. The only thing I missed, was someone showing up with a towel. But that is my private little thing, that guide has left its mark on me …

– Mack



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