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Thinking cover design, and then you find this …

Twitter is a remarkable medium, fickle and impersonal, yet it still manages to build bridges. Or at least open doors to what goes on elsewhere. As should be clear by now, I am terrible at social media. Still, every once in a while a window opens up that somehow connects with what was going on in my mind on that same moment.

Considering cover concepts for two upcoming stories I had found myself somewhat stuck. Story elements were clear to me, visuals were in my mind. Unfortunately, translating from that mind to paper and Photoshop is always a bit of an issue. After all, it’s an ongoing experiment to me.

So there I was, going over a set of chapter drafts, thinking whether it would not be an idea to bring some elements to the actual cover. Needless to say, a futuristic setting can be achieved, but presenting one that catches your breath is something entirely different. Taking a pause I went back to my twitter searches, coming across something. Purely by chance, but incredibly neat.

I hope there is an author out there who takes a good look at some of these works. I know I did. Undoubtedly far beyond my budget, which is effectively nil, but here’s art which separates itself from presentation. Art that captures. Stage and setting, purpose and position.

Have a look, at the works of Valentine Obasuyi / Motion Design at his website, most notably the gallery of Children of Sol. Much more can be found at DeviantArt as well.



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