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Time for an update!

It has been a crazy few weeks. The Facebook Tale, Social Media and more, a lot of writing (Vultures and Of Suns And Spheres), Competitions, giveaways and events. So, time for an update on the most recent.

The Facebook Tale.

First and foremost, the Facebook tale is over. Thanks to – finally – human intervention by means of MarketingUK and the Facebook Accessibility Team that drama is done. The Author Page is fully restored, same goes for my profile. I can’t deny the frustration. I fully understand the challenge Facebook faces with its user base, but image recognition for verification? Not just in the case of the visually impaired like me. There is a lot to learn from this, but that is in the hands of the people at Facebook.

At this point I am just happy matters have been sorted. I also can’t deny that it has been a costly affair, but that is something I will file under “revisit after redesign”.

A bump in the road, for me, and several projects. But we will see.

More on Social Media.

After suggestions by readers I have fleshed out my Gravatar Profile, putting together an overview of links, information and so forth. I have to say, it really does function as a bridge between all the different media. Thanks for the tip, and it is one I can honestly recommend for any other writer out there.

For one, when combined with the excellence of it comes in really handy to connect with readers and other writers via Twitter and other social media.

Another topic is this blog. It’s working well, but there are things that should be changed, and there are certain things which can be added to benefit those who visit as well as myself. Obviously the design, that is something where I rely on help, but that is something to tackle. Same for structure, navigation as well as what you could call feature elements.

For starters, I would like to provide room for others. Interviews, features, reviews. But we will see, either way, it is quite likely that in the upcoming weeks you will notice changes. Don’t panic if something seems wrong, just grab a towel and let us know! In the mean time, keep an eye on the experiments here, feel free to give a shout with feedback!

On Writing.

I’m happy to say that the draft for Vultures is done. The muse was tough, but it was quite fun to write. Now it’s off to editing. With the help of friends I have been going over cover design concepts as well. Of Suns And Spheres is rapidly filling up with structure and detail, the proposal for which is in negotian with Amazon for their Singles Program – but we will see. As a story framework, a fictional universe, it’s something that can continue to expand. Time to make selections.

The SciFi & Fantasy Event July 13 & 14.

It was hectic, but quite fun. Worthwhile as well. Kudos to Tim Flanagan for functioning as quite the hub, among it all. And it appears the prizes of the competition and giveaway were well received!

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone who participated. Writers and readers. Thank you all!

Other stuff.

I’ve been fortunate enough to get featured in several interviews, one of which is available over at, and the other should be public as well some time next week – I’ll give a shout once it is time!

Unfortunately there’s also less good news, today was probably not the best of my days. This morning the demise of my Kobo Glo, followed in the evening by the Kindle following suit, and barely hours ago the iPod coughed up a final breath as well.

Don’t ask, I have no idea. Maybe they were close, and with one leaving the others went along. Wish me luck in facing withdrawal symptoms – I’m just starting to realise how reliant I have become for my reading on them 😦 And unless someone can find Santa on Twitter, it’s going to take quite a while to replace.

Stay sharp people, read, write and enjoy every day!


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