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Would you like a spotlight with that?

One of the things I enjoy most about writing, is not only that it goes hand in hand with reading, but how it brings you in contact with all those others who put their blood, sweat, tears and more into their work. Writers, cover designer, film maker, advertising artist alike.

I’m well aware how tricky it can be, making first steps on the road of writing and publishing. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it yourself, or whether you have an agent. It is always a work in progress, and every bit helps.

While it will to be a regular occurrence of a stage coming to life, the Spotlight is not something that will turn on every day or every week, something to keep in mind. I am human still, so to speak.

What’s the deal?

What I offer is a spotlight, to illuminate what goes on inside your life, and your work. In that order, after all, the author is the brand, the work is the consumable. Neither has walls, both combined present the art.

I’m not asking anything in return. Creating is sharing, regardless of whether it comes from the heart, the mind or the soul. But it comes from people, goes to people. It travels among us all.

Who is it for?

The prime focus is on the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action & Adventure and Mystery & Thrillers, including their respective sub categories (Steampunk, Survival, Horror).

The scope is on books, short stories, graphic novels, short films, trailers (feature and book), advertising (art, promotion, marketing) and cover design.

Are you a writer, an author, director or an artist? Does your work connect to these genres? By all means feel free to get in touch! I should however point out that because quite a bit of visitor demographics are of a younger age, your work should be family friendly.

It does not matter whether you are published, have a vested career, are taking first steps or just beginning to build a life. It is open to all.

What can you expect?

A decent bit of broad exposure, and a good amount of connections. Desert of Man is a pretty decently visited blog, with a nice reach across a variety of social, author and reviewer networking groups. What it really comes down to is you, as a brand featuring life and art.

Picture it as a bit of a virtual Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner with cherries, the sun and the rain. Besides, what harm can it possibly do, being seen and heard? Once the message is out, it’s a case of sharing – a very human thing. And let’s be honest, you never know who looks for what on Google at what point …

You’re going to face questions, on lessons and conflicts. In your work, in your life. A stage to fill with answers that provide a connection between what you do, who you are, and those you share your work with.

What do you need to pack?

Not much, there is some material I will need for the article, and I would advise ice cream. Serious though, you can find out everything is the Spotlight Manual.

Just read carefully, don’t attach thumbnail images for example, but full resolution as specified. Please also do not provide shortened URL’s, those can wreak havoc at times.

Any questions?

Just leave them as a comments, I will pick up on them!

Want to sign up?

If you would like to sign up, use the form below, and connect with me on my Facebook Profile. And, if you can, leave a comment – just in case! I will then send you the Spotlight Manual and we can take it from there. Articles can be scheduled, depending on availability – we can talk things through over email after checking the manual 🙂

– Mack


P.S. Of course, I’m not going to stop you if you feel inclined to wander around the wish list or my books, I always appreciate my musings finding support – but the point here is to present you as human being, becoming a brand, presenting your work. I would appreciate a “like” on my Facebook Page and feel free to check in as a friend!

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