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Spotlight – Brett Lane, author of The Cain Children

Welcome to the Desert of Man, blogging home to Science Fiction reader and experimenting writer Mack Meijers. From time to time I open the stage to other creative souls to shine a spotlight on them as human beings, their thinking and their work. This time the light shines on Brett Lane facing the Spotlight Questions and featuring The Cain Children.

Shall we begin?


About Brett Lane

brettlaneSome say that Brett Lane has writing in his blood. His father made his living as a writer and both his father and his uncle had books published. However, Brett never followed in their footsteps and instead chose a life of service to his community. Brett has been doing his best to clean up the streets and make your neighborhoods safe at night for greater than fifteen years now.

Much of Brett’s detailed stories stem from things that he has personally witnessed. These inspirations were not copied exactly and were tailored to fit the story and most were not very pleasant.

So how did this cop become an author?

Brett always felt that he had a story to tell, but never put much belief into his ability. That all changed when Brett located an app called “The Novelist” in the iTunes Store. The brand new app was created to bring aspiring authors together for a contest. Each week the authors when get an assignments and write a story using a certain number of words. Each week, fans would vote for their favorites and the one with the least would be out. The grand prize was the winner got their book published by the sponsors of the app.

Much to his surprise, Brett won the thing and now has his debut novel “The Cain Children” published and available for purchase through

Where to find Brett Lane

Twitter / Facebook Profile

About The Cain Children

cainchildrenCould you take a life? Maybe, but could you kill a child?
What if you knew that the child would grow up to be a monster and there was nothing you could do to stop it… Other than euthanasia. Could you, would you, kill a seemingly innocent person (child) to protect society in the future? Would you detest those that sentence a child to the death penalty before they have even committed a crime?
In the not so distant future, scientists stumbled upon a discovery. They learned to isolate and identify the gene in a child’s DNA that makes them susceptible to killing for pleasure, to become a serial murderer. Not every child with the gene kills, but every serial killer has this gene, called the Cain gene after the first murderer in the bible.
There is no cure for the gene and since not every child with the gene kills, a new government agency called the guardians is created. They are instituted to monitor the children born with the genes and to take appropriate actions once the genes manifests itself and they prove to be killers.
Only carriers of this gene can pass it along to their children, so even those that don’t kill, can sire children that may.
There is the dilemma, end the outbreak by possibly killing the innocent, or eliminate all carriers to end all possible murder in the future.
Follow this story of the Cain children as well as the scientists that monitor them while posing as their parents.
This book is not for the faint of heart as it contains descriptive accounts of murders, rape, and torture.

Get the book right here!

What was the challenge of this project?

Finding the time to write between a full time job, children, family, and my home. That is why most of it was written during my hour and a half commute on the train each day.

Where was the fun in this project?

I am experiencing the fun now with hearing people’s reaction to something that I created. It is also therapeutic in the ability I have to put anyone I want into my world and the do anything to them that I see fit. I have killed several bosses and people from my past.

The Spotlight Questions

What stories do you like to hear, create and share?

I like to be shocked. I like books that leave you guessing where it is going to head, only to be wrong every time. I will usually be in the horror, thriller, or true crime genres.

If you were a teacher, what would be your best lesson to teach?

I would like history because there is a story to tell, but none of the strict guidelines or layout required in an English class.

What do you think is the best way to share a story?

Orally, you can put excitement and emotion into a tale and if there were any questions or misunderstandings, they can be addressed immediately.

Do you think you could survive in the wild, on your own?

I grew up camping, hiking, canoeing, backpacking, and was quite active in the Boy Scouts. I have no doubt I could survive.

What is the highest price you have ever paid for a lesson, whether teaching, sharing or learning?

I have seen guys that paid the ultimate price for lessons and mistakes. As a LEO, a simple mistake may lead to serious injury or death and sometimes the same results can come from no mistakes at all. We study the circumstances and do after action reviews to learn how to prevent the same thing from happening to others.

How do you get up every morning?

I don’t sleep very well, or often. It is not unusual for me to find myself staring at the alarm clock, waiting for it to go off. When it does go off, I pull myself out of bed and take inventory of the aches and pains throughout my body.

What is the best thing a friend has ever done for you?

My wife is my best friend and she has given me the world. I often find myself not being very optimistic with my life, career, abilities, and writing… But she supports and comforts me when I need it the most.

Have you ever failed? What did you learn from the experience?

I have failed more than I have succeeded throughout my life, to the point it surprises me when something ends well. I have learned that I need to keep trying until I get it right. As an example, my best friend is the second woman I married, and this time is for good.

What is the worst thing you have ever done for or to a friend?

I am not very good at reaching out to others in their time of need. I shut down and don’t want to talk when I am hurting, so I often assume others would want the same. Usually they need somebody to be there for them and I am terrible at being that guy.

Given the chance, how would you travel the world, where, and why?

My wife and I travel extensively. This is usually aboard a cruise ship, sailing somewhere warm. This is the best way to experience multiple destinations while being treated like royalty. I want to sail the Greek islands and also do a transatlantic cruise.

What place has technology in your life?

It’s the focal point of my existence and I would be lost without it. I am especially in love with apple products. I wrote my entire novel on my iPad, with one hand, as I rode the train to and from work.

If your life was a book, who would you like to write it?

Dr. Seuss, it would be colorful, rhyme, and always have a happy landing.

A taste of

cainchildrenVolume one. Jonathan Cain
– 1 –
Young Johnny came into the house after playing alone in the woods, as he was often known to do. He walked towards the kitchen to grab a drink and to see what his mom was making for dinner. The house was eerily quiet but both cars were in the driveway, so his parents had to be home.
As he turned the corner to the kitchen he could hear his mother’s sobs and his father speaking in a low voice. The last thing he heard his father say was “he goes stage six,” and his mother answered, “but…”
Before she said more, his father looked up, saw Johnny, and nodded in his direction. His mother, with her puffy, bloodshot eyes, looks over her shoulder at him. “Oh, Jonathan Cain, what did you do?”
Johnny didn’t know what his mother was talking about, or better yet, he couldn’t decide which thing she was talking about. She could be referring to any number of things, some of course were worse than others. He decided to go pull out the big guns just in case it was one of the latter.
His father left the room and Johnny walked towards his mother and was about to give her the puppy dog eyes that she could never resist. That always works.
He was almost at arms length from her when he was grabbed from behind. There was some type of cloth being held over his mouth and nose. Johnny’s head immediately started swimming and the back of his throat felt like it was on fire. The look in his mother’s eyes was sheer horror, but not at whoever was attacking him. No, she seemed to be horrified of Johnny.
He heard his father whisper in his ear, “Goodbye, son,” and the room was starting to grow darker. Johnny’s hands that were grasping at that foul smelling cloth now weighed a ton and his arms dropped to his sides.
The last thing that Johnny saw in this world was his pet baby kitten. The kitten that he burned, skinned, broke, and tortured all while it was still breathing, before he finally brought it to its death. The kitten that he feigned being upset over it “running away” to his parents. The kitten whose body he kept in a shoe box because it sexually excited him to look at what he did to it. That box was laying on the table with the lid off. Then there was total blackness.
The following morning newspapers obituary section had Jonathan Cain’s cause of death listed as a massive asthma attack exactly two months before his fourteenth birthday.

Get the book right here!

Where to find Brett Lane

Twitter / Facebook Profile

Thank you, Brett Lane, for your openness and your work!


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  1. Dale Lane
    August 7, 2013

    Yup, that’s my nephew…(good interview)…and we’re proud of him !-Uncle Dale

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