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I’m Mack, and I write Science Fiction – for the most part. Writing is something I did, once upon a time long ago, but which I picked up again fairly recently – after stumbling over old boxes with manuscripts in storage. It is a learning curve, so much has changed from older days. But it is interesting, a challenge and it is fun. But it is a work in progress, above all.

Several stories are out, more are in the pipeline, and in the mean time there is a trilogy in the works (The Triptych Study of which part one is currently in editing) and the fictional universe Of Suns And Spheres continues to unfold. I regularly post pieces, experiments and shorts on this blog here, as well as on Facebook.

By the way, I also read Science Fiction. A medical professional would probably call me an addict, always looking for the next tale of imaginations and explorations even further than the back of the next beyond. Never hesitate to get in touch if you find, or create something – I always welcome more to read!

Looking for something to read?

Why not have a look at these stories, and browse the blog for upcoming tales and other musings!

Thin Blue Line – Part One – Amazon US / UK / DE

Thin Blue Line - Part One

A story of a young Lieutenant’s first command. A bastard mission, as she calls it, one where there is a lot than meets the eye. She has the technology, a sturdy ship and a clear set of directives. Still, she only has a bunch of local volunteer pilots, and no information on what she’s about to face.

Coasting – Amazon US / UK / DE

Coasting - a science fiction short

Join a young woman finding herself adrift. A diary of survival, purely by chance. Watch her fight, taste her experiences, witness her choice.

Burning Memory – Amazon US / UK / DE

Burning Memory - a short science fiction story

Take a peek into the diary of a soldier facing the consequences of his actions. A mission with unintended consequences, resulting in not just open war, but questions for himself and those around him.

Burning Memory

Duty, family, choices. Consequences above all.

A Science Fiction Story

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Thin Blue Line

The edge between life and death of a world.

A Science Fiction Story

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